Lil Herb "Fight or Flight" (ft. Common & Chance the Rapper) (video)

Lil Herb 'Fight or Flight' (ft. Common & Chance the Rapper) (video)
Lil Herb is back with fellow Chi-Town spitters Common and Chance the Rapper to discuss the harrowing gun violence situation affecting their hometown, covering this in the new video for the trio's remix to Herb's "Fight or Flight".

Backed by the soul-sampling beat, the video has its host talking about fighting to survive in the city while facing police profiling and hard times. After getting a haircut, Common discusses the precarious tight rope walk necessary to get through endure the trials of the urban circus. Chance sits on a stoop to deliver his bars. As news footage of shooting deaths of unarmed teens scroll by, Herb takes over to deliver the damaged assessment, "now I cry less and less at all my homies' funerals."

You'll find the heartbreaking commentary behind the hip-hop team-up ("Never quit, never give in") down below.