Lil B Helps the World Get Based via His Very Own Basedmoji App

Lil B Helps the World Get Based via His Very Own Basedmoji App
Renaissance man Lil B is moving past the rap game for a minute to give the kids what they really want: new emojis. That's right, if you're looking to add a couple extra images on top of your oft-used girl-who-just-can't-handle-it, sparkly heart and party ghost, you can now thank the rapper for his Basedmoji app.

Launched yesterday (September 16) through iTunes, the app delivers exactly what you'd expect. Blessed emojis include caricatures of the Bay Area spitter wearing sunglasses, a crown and, in a most meta move, using his phone.

According to iTunes, the app seller is Brandon McCartney, which is Lil B's real name. Adding to the legitimacy, the product description adds: "This Is A Very Rare App Designed And Developed By Lil B himself!!! COLLECT THIS APP AND SPREAD AROUND THE WORLD! This app was created by Lil B to have fun with your friends and family and celebrate the life of Lil B! I LOVE YOU!"

You can get the app over here, and it's free.

On the music side of things, B has been comparatively quiet in 2014 in light of years past. So far, he's only issued a handful of singles and one mixtape, Hoop Life.