Lil B "The Growth" / "Motivation" / "Exhibit 6" / "I Still Can't Sleep" (videos)

Lil B 'The Growth' / 'Motivation' / 'Exhibit 6' / 'I Still Can't Sleep' (videos)
While there's no denying the sheer skill of Bay Area rapper Lil B, the quality of his output is often overshadowed by sheer quantity, as the hip-hopper is known to drop new mixtapes on a near-weekly basis, but that's just part of his charm. Keeping up with his hectic pace, he's just revealed four new music videos in one day.

The tracks come from his upcoming Angels Exodus album and musically, they demonstrate a next level of quality from the rapper, with better production and rhyming. As music videos, however, they are like his other vids, in that he goes to a cool location, like a park or the ocean, and lip-syncs his raps. Sometimes, the shaky camera portrays the bystanders, but usually it's just B being the based, swagged-out rapper he always is.

Check out the videos for "The Growth," "Motivation," "Exhibit 6" and "I Still Can't Sleep" below.

Thanks to Prefix for the tip.