Lil B Gold Dust Mixtape

Lil B <i>Gold Dust Mixtape</i>
While just a couple of weeks ago Lil B served up the bizarre MF Based mixtape, an offering that had the rapper paying tribute to outsider MC MF Doom, it seems as if he's found a new muse: flamboyant professional wrestler Goldust.

Lil B's newly released Gold Dust Mixtape is a six-song set that, while not necessarily in any of the freestyles that make up the collection, features artwork (see above) celebrating the overly sexualized, blonde-wig-wearing, tarted-up body slammer. While he might not be spitting about suplexes or camel clutches, Lil B's woozy, laid-back flow is on point as ever.

Considering his recent leaks, here's hoping his next tribute is even more off the charts.

Gold Dust Mixtape can be downloaded for free here.