Lightning Bolt to Gather Up Practice Space Recordings for 'Oblivion Hunter'

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jul 4, 2012

Lightning Bolt haven't released an album since 2009's Earthly Delights, but the Rhode Island noise rock duo are readying an upcoming album made up of jam space recording sessions that will apparently be out sometime soon. The news came from drummer Brian Chippendale, who posted about the effort on the group's message board.

"It's titled Oblivion Hunter," he wrote. "It's 4 track cassette home recordings and it has a couple unrecorded classic live songs on it and some improvs, one long one specifically. 7 tracks in all. It's pretty raw sounding. I really like it."

While a tracklisting has yet been delivered, Chippendale added that the bulk of the album was recorded in 2008 during the group's practice sessions, and that the LP is being mastered in Boston this week.

A release date hasn't been determined, but Chippendale wrote that he wouldn't be surprised if it leaks before its anticipated release date of August 20. The act hope to have vinyl copies of Oblivion Hunter with them on their upcoming summer tour.

"One recording on Oblivion Hunter is a 13 minute jam that was played right before we played [Earthly Delights track] 'Flooded Chamber,'" Chippendale detailed, adding, "On the same tape. I was revisiting the notes from 2008 to make a Bandcamp and found a ton of great stuff, including one of the original versions of King Candy played and sounding a way that we haven't been able to capture since. I think maybe [bassist Brian] Gibson had some fried equipment that gave the song a special sound in this specific recording. From there I mixed a few previously unmixed tapes from the same time period and found even cooler stuff."

While Chippendale admitted the cassette takes are ultra lo-fi, he maintains "that parts sound clearer and louder and more in your face than recent records."

On top of the rarities collection, the drummer also added that the two-piece are still working a proper follow-up to Earthly Delights, but it's taking longer than they had hoped.

"I thought we were really closing in on the new new album but it got derailed somehow," he posted. "I was excited to map it out when I did, guess I got overexcited too early. It's still there, mostly mapped out but missing a few major components such as a ripping 'Horsepower' take. We will get it."

As previously reported, Lighting Bolt's summer trip includes a Canadian stop at Vancouver's Fortune Sound Club on September 7.

Thanks to The Wire for the tip.

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