Light Organ Records Champions Vancouver Indie Music on Our First Christmas Comp

Light Organ Records Champions Vancouver Indie Music on <i>Our First Christmas</i> Comp
Western Canada, get ready to meet your newest record label. Light Organ Records is officially open for business and has announced its first release: holiday compilation Our First Christmas, due out November 23.

The 14-song collection features an array of up-and-coming artists, most of whom are based out of Vancouver. The Zolas, the Blue Violets, Aidan Knight, We Are the City, Adaline and the Fugitives are among those who contributed festive songs to the compilation.

Light Organ Records is helmed by Jonathan Simkin of Simkin Artist Management and 604 Records. According to a press release, Simkin "recognized the city's growing need for a strong independent/alternative label to focus on the region's wealth of talented non-mainstream artists." The label's roster includes the Zolas, Sun Wizard, Adaline, Louise Burns (of the Blue Violets) and Adrian Glynn. Look for new releases from these artists starting in 2011.

Our First Christmas will be released on CD and distributed through Universal. It will also be available as a digital download.

See the tracklisting for Our First Christmas below. The majority of the tracks are originals, but you will notice a couple of holiday classics as well.

Our First Christmas:

1. Adaline & Frederick - "Let's Stay Inside"
2. The Zolas - "Snow"
3. Frederick - "Hello December Sun"
4. The Fugitives - "It's Not Christmas"
5. The Blue Violets - "Blue Christmas"
6. Cory Woodward - "Love Will Grow"
7. Adrian Glynn - "Nothing but the Bells On"
8. Adaline - "Silent Night"
9. Nat Jay - "Green Trees Red Hearts"
10. Cory Woodward - "River"
11. Fine Times - "Why You Wanna Ruin Christmas?"
12. Aidan Knight & We Are the City - "Bytown"
13. The Fugitives - "Christmas at the Office Party"
14. Adrian Glynn & Nat Jay - "Alone for the Holidays"