Library Voices Offshoot Radville Announce Debut LP, Premiere "Heavy Surf"

Library Voices Offshoot Radville Announce Debut LP, Premiere 'Heavy Surf'
Library Voices just dropped their long-awaited new record Lovish this month, but the band's drummer Mike Thievin isn't looking to slow down or rest on his laurels any time soon. He's just announced the self-titled debut LP from a new project called Radville, which is due out in December.
The two-piece band finds Thievin teaming up with his former schoolmate, roommate, co-worker and foosball opponent, guitarist/producer Rob Morrison (who has worked with Rah Rah and Close Talker), to create experimental instrumental math rock. For the recording, they were joined by longtime pal and collaborator Travis Packer on bass.
A press release describes the album's sound as "ridiculously technical, brutally heavy, and soaked in the frantic urgency of mid-career At The Drive-In." Thus far, they've shared bills with a range of artists running the gamut from death metal to indie pop, but have held their own and continued to carve out their own unique sound.
You can get your first listen to it thanks to album cut "Heavy Surf." Exclaim! has got the track premiere, and you can scroll past the upcoming LP's tracklisting to give it a spin below.
1. Hot Snakes
2. DeathBell
3. Heavy Surf
4. Catwalk Beige
5. Wizard
6. Tapping
7. The Oldest House