The Liberators The Liberators

Sydney, Australia ten-piece the Liberators joined their post-colonial soul brothers in America (Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra) and Canada (Souljazz Orchestra) in keeping the spirit of Fela Kuti alive with the release of their debut LP, The Liberators. Putting an undeniably Aussie slant on Afrobeat's unbridled swing, the Liberators choose to pepper songs like "Bulletproof" and "Monkeyface" with bushwhacking, hair flailing progressions that wouldn't sound out of place at a pre-Phish concert parking lot. Typically, the dual baritone/tenor saxophone of Andrew Symons and Mike Gordon lead the melodies, doing an excellent job of simultaneously weaving through rubbery bass lines, fire starter congas and in-the-pocket trumpet and trombone. Guest vocals from Dojo Cuts' Roxie Ray and Ghanaian singer Afro Moses add some extra personality, but it's legendary Fela Kuti drummer Jojo Kuo's impassioned, classic vocals on "Liberation" that pushes The Liberators from must-hear into must-must-must-hear territory. (Record Kicks)