Liars Return with 'TFCF' LP, Share New Song

It's an acronym for 'Themes From Crying Fountain'
Liars Return with 'TFCF' LP, Share New Song
Three years on from making a Mess with their last LP, Liars have unveiled their eighth studio full-length. Titled TFCF (an abbreviation for Themes From Crying Fountain), the record arrives August 25 through Mute.

The album is the first from the group with frontman Angus Andrew as the sole permanent member, with Aaron Hemphill amicably leaving the band earlier this year. Andrew explained in a press release that the record is "far more intimate and autobiographical" as a result, adding that "there's acoustic guitar all over this record! How ridiculous is that?"

The first taste of what's to come from the disc can be found with "Cred Woes" in the player below. A special edition vinyl version of the record is available for preorder here.


1. The Grand Delusional
2. Cliché Suite
3. Staring At Zero
4. No Help Pamphlet
5. Face To Face With My Face
6. Emblems Of Another Story
7. No Tree No Branch
8. Cred Woes
9. Coins In My Caged Fist
10. Ripe Ripe Rot
11. Crying Fountain