Liars Detail Upcoming Album, Premiere New Track

Liars Detail Upcoming Album, Premiere New Track
Last week, Liars announced that their "most accessible and most challenging release" would hit store shelves June 5 through Mute, but kept many details under wraps. One week later, the group are now ready to unveil more info on the new LP, titled WIXIW.

Speaking with Pitchfork, singer Angus Andrew confirmed that the stream of eerie, electronic and sample-based teaser clips point to the sonic template of WIXIW, differing from the rock approach of 2007's Liars and 2010's Sisterworld.

"When I look at the last two records in hindsight, I see this attempt to figure out what it's like to be a musician, how to use your instruments properly. At some point, we realized that we're not interested in that anymore," he said. "What I like about music isn't necessarily a good song structure. We wanted to get back to sound and the intents behind songs, rather than the more standard rock or blues ideas."

As long as you click that you "Like" them on Facebook, the band are now offering up a stream of new song "No. 1 Against the Rush," which you can also stream here on SoundCloud.

Lyrically, Angus explained that the record is "about how you're supposed to associate with yourself," and was inspired by both the a "serious relationship" he had started up and the dissolution of co-songwriter Aaron Hemphill's romantic relationship.

"There's this interesting duality of fear and doubt that you can achieve from both sides of that coin. You suddenly are very aware of yourself in relation to other people. There's a lot of doubt, anxiety, and uncertainty in the lyrics of this record."


1. The Exact Colour of Doubt
2. Octagon
3. No.1 Against the Rush
4. A Ring on Every Finger
5. III Valley Prodigies
7. His and Mine Sensations
8. Flood to Flood
9. Who is the Hunter
10. Brats
11. Annual Moon Words