Liars "No. 1 Against the Rush" (video)

Liars 'No. 1 Against the Rush' (video)
We recently got the first taste of Liars' WIXIW, apparently their "most accessible and most challenging release," via the laid-back electro tune "No. 1 Against the Rush." If you thought the minimalist and chill composition was easy to digest, however, its creepy new video couldĀ have you changing your tune.

The vid follows a pretty straight-laced-looking aged man as he goes about his day. The thing is, shortly after he goes through his early morning grooming rituals, he heads out on the town to sneakily start a killing spree, knocking off Liars one by one. Remember, kids, dry-cleaning bags are not a toy.

Check out the creepy clip down below.

As previously reported, WIXIW comes out June 5 through Mute.