​Liam Gallagher Spent His First Royalty Cheque on a Vintage Scooter

And he can't remember which album cover it appeared on
​Liam Gallagher Spent His First Royalty Cheque on a Vintage Scooter
Liam Gallagher is set to appear on an upcoming episode of the BBC's The First Time With…, and in a recently shared teaser clip, the former Oasis member reveals what he spent his first royalty pay cheque on.
"I remember the first thing I bought with it was a scooter," he said. "A 1954 Lambretta, which I've still got."
"That was on the cover of Definitely Maybe," he continued — though a cursory glance at Oasis album covers leads us to believe that he probably meant to say Be Here Now.
That's not the only big purchase Gallagher made early on. He went on to say that he bought his mum a house, "a lovely little cottage up in Heaton Moor," but she apparently didn't accept the gift.
"What do I want this for?" she asked her son when he gave her the keys, forcing Gallagher to "sell it back to the geezer."
His mum claimed that all she wanted was a new gate on the house she already lived in, so Gallagher got her that and threw in a new fence, as well.
Here's hoping Liam doesn't throw his brother Noel through the fence (or vice versa) at Christmas dinner.
Listen to the clip below. The full episode is slated to air on December 24.