Liam Gallagher Says There Was Never Any Truce with Noel

He only ever tweeted that because he was drunk
Liam Gallagher Says There Was Never Any Truce with Noel
Over the holidays, Oasis fans thought they received a Christmas miracle when Liam Gallagher declared a truce with brother Noel. But being Liam, he backtracked on that in no time. Now, though, he says there was never any truce to begin with — and it was all the result of drunk tweeting.

Speaking to NME, Liam explained this about the whole truce debacle: "It was Christmas and mom was getting on me. And I had a couple of drinks and I put it out there. It was me drunk."

To prove he's as bitter as ever, Liam added of his ever-strained relationship with Noel, "I've got nothing to apologize for… he was the one who split up the band."

Talking about a prospective Oasis reunion, he said, "If this [solo] album hadn't gone well… I would have been his little bitch. But it has gone well and the dynamics of the band have changed."

Liam elaborated, "I've got a bit of [cache]. It'd have to be on both our terms. I would give it all up if it was on the right terms. It should never have been about — yeah, you wrote the songs, but you live a different lifestyle than the rest of the band. That's a recipe for disaster. It goes to your head."

Further keeping the hate alive, Liam also said this to NME about Noel's most recent album Who Built the Moon?: "People keep going on about how he's on a journey. It sounds like a shit Kula Shaker."

You can watch the entire interview with NME below.