Liam Gallagher May Keep the Oasis Name After All, He Says

Liam Gallagher May Keep the Oasis Name After All, He Says
After Noel Gallagher left Oasis in August, his brother Liam confirmed that he and the group's remaining members would continue working together. At the time, Liam insisted the new project would not be called Oasis. However, it looks as if he might be going back on his word.

In an interview with the Evening Standard [via NME], the singer revealed that the new band might take on the old Oasis name after all.

"We're not using it [the name Oasis] at the moment, but if we don't come up with something else by the time we're ready to release the album, it'll be Oasis," Liam said. "I'm not going to call myself something ridiculous just for the sake of it."

The new group includes guitarist Gem Archer and bassist Andy Bell, both of whom were long-time members of Oasis, and drummer Chris Sharrock. Apparently, the band are currently halfway done their new album - all of the songs are written, and they will be reentering the studio after Christmas to wrap up recording. "We're going to get in there [and] do it quick, with no stewing on it," said Liam.

Still, it looks as if Liam will be keeping to some parts of his original agreement. In order to distance himself from the group's previous work, he has insisted that the new Oasis won't play any of Noel's songs live. What's more, Noel won't ever be allowed to rejoin the group he helped to create, Liam said.

"I'm sure he thinks, 'I'll do my solo career and if it doesn't fucking pan out the way it's expected I'll give our kid a ring because he'll be desperate and he'll do anything for Oasis," fumed Liam. "Well, I'll say this right now: he's got another fucking thing coming. If he thinks he can ring me up at any given stage in his fucking lifetime, I'll be busy. I'll always be busy when he rings me up."

Of course, Noel was Oasis's primary songwriter, meaning that the rest of the group carrying on without him is a bit like the Doors post-Morrison or the Velvet Underground post-Reed. Let's hope Oasis's new album is better than the VU's 1973 disaster, Squeeze. Then again, Liam did recently tell MTV Italy that he was "a million percent confident that they [the new songs] could be better than Oasis," so maybe there's hope yet.