Leyland Kirby's Sadly, the Future Is not What It Was Gets Super Limited Six-LP Edition

Leyland Kirby's <i>Sadly, the Future Is not What It Was</i> Gets Super Limited Six-LP Edition
In late 2009, haunted, vinyl-crackle-loving electronic maestro Leyland Kirby released his groundbreaking triple album Sadly, the Future Is not What It Was to intense critical acclaim. Here at Exclaim!, we highly recommended the album, calling it "an utterly memorable set that ranks alongside Basinski's Disintegration Loops as one of the quiet masterpieces of this decade."

Now, those three discs are turning into six, and that plastic is turning to vinyl. Kirby's own record label, History Always Favours the Winners will release a six-LP version of the album, which will be limited to 300 copies worldwide. The new artwork for the vinyl copies is by visual artist Ivan Seal.

The album can be ordered right now for a very reasonable price, all things considered. Just click here. (Looks as if it might have already sold out, but maybe if you look hard enough you still might be able to pick up a copy.)

Thanks to FACT for the heads-up.