Let's Wrestle Return with Nursing Home LP

Let's Wrestle Return with <i>Nursing Home</i> LP
UK smart alecks Let's Wrestle broke out with their debut album In the Court of the Wrestling Let's last spring, showcasing their excellent, often hilarious penchant for punky pop. Just one year later, the trio are plotting their return with another album.

 Though they told Exclaim! about some other modified '70s album titles they had thought of (like the Captain Beefheart-referencing Trout Mask Wrestlica), the band have opted to ditch the joke for their second release, instead calling the album Nursing Home.

The album was recorded with Chicago legend Steve Albini, and a press release explains that "Let's Wrestle have grown up and reckon they're heavier and depressed but are still laughing on the inside. They are still making some of the most exciting and electrifying songs around, but with the wit and noise sharpened to a knife edge, the emotion more pronounced and heart-rending."

Nursing Home will be released by Merge Records on May 17. Album track "Dear John" can be downloaded here.

Nursing Home:

1. "In Dreams (Part 2)"

2. "If I Keep on Loving You"

3. "In the Suburbs"

4. "Bad Mamories"

5. "Dear John"

6. "For My Mother"

7. "You're So Lazy"

8. "There's a Rockstar in My Room"

9. "I Forgot"

10. "I Am Useful"

11. "I Will Not Give In"

12. "Getting Rest"