Let's Talk About Space "Luna Oscillators" (ft. Silver Apples) / "Лайка"

Let's Talk About Space 'Luna Oscillators' (ft. Silver Apples) / 'Лайка'
As their name might suggest, Let's Talk About Space is a synth-pop project dedicated to talking about, well, space. The Glaswegian duo composed of Kieran Heather and Chris McGarry will release a 7-inch via Kingfisher Bluez later this month, but you can hear both tracks here now.

The first song "Luna Oscillators" is, on its own, an excellent composition complete with pastoral pianos and smart synth arrangements. When you factor in the fact that it features an appearance from legendary synth group Silver Apples, it's really a must-listen.

B-side "Лайка" has a much weirder name, but its equally relatable with a timeless slab of triumphant synth-pop and deadpan vocals.

Check out both tracks from the band's debut 7-inch below.