Let Exclaim! Help You Go to the Movies with Reviews of Extract, Gamer, All About Steve and More

Let Exclaim! Help You Go to the Movies with Reviews of <i>Extract</i>, <i>Gamer</i>, <i>All About Steve</i> and More
There's lots of comedy and action abounding in theatres this weekend, so strap on your helmet and hop over to Exclaim!'s Recently Reviewed Motion section to find out what movie mischief you can get into.

First up, we've got the scoop on comedy master Mike Judge's new funny flick, Extract, which tells the story of an extract plant owner (Jason Bateman) and his attempts to juggle all the insanity in his life. Gamer sees Gerard Butler taking on the role of a death-row inmate forced to become a living avatar in a game where the only goal is to stay alive. Sandra Bullock also makes a return to the silver screen with darker-humoured, cliché-rejecting romcom All About Steve.

Still looking for more movies? Why not check out our reviews of French action flick Black, Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock, Yoga doc Enlighten Up!, You Might As Well Live and Lorna's Silence, the story of a woman and her entanglements with the Russian mob.

Too many choices, or maybe not enough? Click here to help make those magic movie-viewing decisions you've got ahead of you this weekend.