The Lesser Pissers "Fool for Love"

The Lesser Pissers 'Fool for Love'
Vancouver garage punks the Lesser Pissers played a pretty shambolic Music Waste set in 2013 that was rife with equipment issues, awkward Bible readings and the band's closing remarks, "never again." Easier said than done, apparently, as it was announced over the weekend that they're part of this year's lineup too. Ahead of that, they've premiered a spectacularly sloppy new song called "Fool for Love."

While arguably sounding a little like the Stooges, the sneering narrator cops to being more of a lion tamer than a street walkin' cheetah. The drums don't necessarily land on time with every hit, and the guitars threaten to come unglued, but there's a confidence in the chaos that brings the brief song to a satisfying conclusion.

You can stream the Lesser Pissers' latest down below. They play Pat's Pub on June 5 as part of Music Waste.