Lesbo Vrouven Encore La Mort

Projecting their manic energy full force into Encore La Mort, Quebec City’s Lesbo Vrouven continue to be a force to be reckoned with. Their in-your-face live antics have made them a memorable attraction away from home and that exuberant attitude comes across clearly on these punk-infused rock songs. Vocalist/guitarist Sam Murdock barks out lyrics insistently on faux come-ons like "Greek Woman” and harsh examinations of relationship dynamics on "Silent.” "M M” is dripping with spirit, with the band careening around the pop culture-aping song as Murdock pushes them harder. Even more inventive, "Queen” and "Flag” take the band out of their comfort zone, edging thoughtfully into darker arrangements. Traces of No Means No and Shellac colour Lesbo Vrouven’s power trio formation, though they adhere to a four-on-the-floor dance beat in a few too many songs, which actually proves to be a distraction from some really, really strong parts. (P572)