Les Projectionnistes Vue

This eclectic Montreal ensemble have created one hell of a record with Vue. Their hometown’s penchant for producing prog rock comes through in Les Projectionnistes’ boundless sound but Vue is dynamic enough to escape easy categorisation. It comes on gently enough with the almost genteel build of "Hors-d’Oeuvre” before the mesmerising funk of "Péril en la demeure” greets the listener with the gleeful interplay of Bernard Falaise’s fierce electric guitar and a horn section featuring Claude St-Jean, Pierre Labbé and Roberto Murray. Percussionist Rémi Leclerc and bassist Tommy Babbin form an outstanding rhythm section, laying a solid foundation for rockers like "Transport” and "Pile ou Face.” The entire group commandeers cascading, multi-layered sounds on pieces like "Promenade solidaire” and the horns fly "Série B” to great heights. Vue truly is a dizzying rush of rollicking rock and sophisticated scores that makes for a surprisingly cohesive album. (Deadbeat)