Les Ekorches Les Ekorches

There’s a saying about some wholes not being as valuable as their individual parts. Such is clearly the case with Les Ekorches, a band that should by all means be more powerful than the foot odour in a Gwar costume, given that Les Ekorches are comprised of members of Quebecois giants such as Voivod, B.A.R.F. and Maruka. Unfortunately, the impact of this eponymous effort fails to equal that of any namesake put forth to proffer levity. Perchance it’s the garage-level production that renders drummer Michel Langevin’s usually thunderous drums little more than blocks of wood slapped by a rubber mallet. Then again, the death-meets-thrash-metal riffs and guttural bellowing do little more than restate points previously made by countless other bands. Were this in any way a "fun” project honouring undervalued scenes, it might garner merit. As is, however, predictability and underachieving run rampant, resulting in an album somewhat below expectations that’s mired in middle-of-the-road, take-it-or-leave-it mediocrity. (Indica)