Lengsel Solace

It's a cold world, and Lengsel, hailing from Norway, certainly convey that feeling on this CD. The overall feel is that of black metal, with that weird, vague production sound, but there is way more going on this album than just your typical black metal dribble. Elements of doom can be heard in the depressive piano and the slow droning parts, not unlike older Paradise Lost or Anathema. When the blast-beat parts kick in, it all just blends together, riffs swirling and spiralling, seemingly with no beginning or end and these parts are what kills the CD. However, there is more than meets the eye here; melodic singing (sometimes a different melody than what the band is playing, but a melody nonetheless), some spoken word, classical guitar bits and some scary samples during "Hours." The lyrics are a look into the tormented soul of guitarist/singer Tor, giving the disc even more of a depressing and cold feel to it. If Lengsel would tone down the black metal influence a bit, I'd be along for the ride, but for now it's still a bit too unwelcoming to me. (Solid State)