The Legends Return with 'It's Love'

The Legends Return with 'It's Love'
Between playing in the bands Club 8 and Acid House Kinds and heading up the label Labrador Records, it's been a number of years since Johan Angergård released an album with his band the Legends. That will change on June 30 with the arrival of It's Love through Cascine.

This is the Swedish indie pop band's first album since 2009's Over and Over. A press release notes that it was inspired by a particularly turbulent time in Angergård's life in which he turned 40, lost a close personal relationship and started a new romance. He eventually put together the seven songs that make up It's Love in a few months.

"I spent 2014 looking back on things that happened only recently, but with emotions and experience from 40 years squeezed in there," he said in a statement. "I don't know if this all sounds a bit pessimistic. It shouldn't. It's a new start. There's a lot of hope. There's love."

The tracklist is below. Scroll past that to hear the sweetly slow-grooving synth-pop number "Keep Him."

It's Love:

1. Keep Him
2. Smoke and Mirrors
3. Love You
4. Something Left to Die For
5. The Great Unknown
6. All About Us
7. Winter Is the Warmest Season