The Legends Up Against the Legends

It’s almost come to a point where there isn’t any more room on the planet for another great Swedish pop band, but here we go again. The Legends are comprised of nine people (like the Concretes), borrow ideas from 40 years ago (again, the Concretes) and write delectable melodies that contain the same effect that sex has on men and chocolate has on women (yep, like you know who). And still, the Legends are completely distinguishable from their fellow country-kin. "Your Song” harnesses the motorcycle gang coolness, buzz-saw guitars and elementary drum patterns of the Jesus & Mary Chain. Spector-ish layers of sound, along with incandescent tambourines and the drums from "Be My Baby” make "There and Back Again” one of the finest rock’n’roll pleas of the year. Unfortunately, the Legends are just that — legends. Next to no information is available on them, including their identities, and the details of their history are limited to forming in early 2003 just before a gig with the Radio Dept. Such mystique can work wonders, and in the case of their debut, Up Against the Legends, it has because I’m hooked. Hopefully the Legends won’t keep their secret to themselves for too long because as alluring as the anonymity is, when music is this good enquiring minds want to know more. (Lakeshore)