League Champs The New Move

The League Champs don’t seem to want people to know too much about them. There’s no denying that their debut CD has some pretty cool tunes on it, but trying to find out about the band is a little bit harder. What do we know? Well, they are a five-piece from Toronto, and that’s about it. The New Move was recorded in two halves, and in the 16 months between sessions, the band appears to have gotten sloppier and rawer. And that is most definitely a good thing. When they try to keep it all under control, they have a real touch of Weezer about them but for the most part, restraint isn’t part of their vocabulary and they let loose in an energetic burst. With three guitarists on board, they possess a more intricate sound than you might expect from a band of their ilk. Yet they don’t fully exploit this potential strength because most of the songs are too short for the guitars to get a chance to really shine through. It is hard to argue with songs like "December” and "Alaska” and The New Move is a fun little CD that will hopefully force the band out of anonymity. (Independent)