Le Tigre Offshoot MEN Announce Debut Album

Le Tigre Offshoot MEN Announce Debut Album
Aside from the odd Christina Aguilera collaboration, the members of revolutionary dance group Le Tigre have busied themselves with other projects in recent years. For example, band members JD Samson and Johanna Fateman formed the dance and performance art collective MEN, who are now preparing their debut album.

 The record is called Talk About Body and features the core group of Samson alongside the Ladybug Transistor's Michael O'Neill and LTTR's Ginger Brooks Takahashi, while Fateman contributes as a writer, producer and consultant. The album marks the first full-length from MEN, and according to a press release, it "showcases the band's uncanny ability to blend multiple influences," which include "funky electronic," "guitar-laden dancefloor funk" and "electro-pop brilliance."

MEN's Talk About Body will be available on February 1 via IAMSOUND Records. Album track "Off Our Backs" is already available on a twelve-inch single, and a video for the track can be seen below. Album tracks "Simultaneously" and "Credit Card Babie$," along with a demo version of "Make It Reverse," can be heard on the group's MySpace page.

Talk About Body:

1. "Life's Half Price"

2. "Off Our Backs"

3. "Credit Card Babie$"

4. "Boom Boom Boom"

5. "Take Your Shirt Off"

6. "Who Am I to Feel So Free"

7. "Make It Reverse"

8. "Simultaneously"

9. "If You Want Something"

10. "Rip Off"

11. "My Family"

12. "Be Like This"