LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy Unveils Greenberg Soundtrack Details

LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy Unveils <i>Greenberg</i> Soundtrack Details
Info about LCD Soundsystem's upcoming third album has been frustratingly scarce as of late, and the release date was recently pushed back from March to April. Luckily for fans, details have emerged about Greenberg, the upcoming Noah Baumbach/Ben Stiller film that features an original score from LCD Soundsystem front-man James Murphy.

The tracklist for the official soundtrack has been released, and it features ten original tunes from Murphy, plus one from LCD Soundsystem. The soundtrack also contains contributions from Nite Jewel, Galaxie 500, Albert Hammond, the Sonics, Duran Duran and Steve Miller Band, although all those tracks have been previously released.

A press release about the soundtrack states, "Its specifically created score showcases the versatility of Murphy's musical craftsmanship with some of his most emotive, warm, introspective and stark music to date." There's no word on whether this means his tracks will be pop songs, or if they will be closer to a traditional movie score.

The press release also includes the frustratingly vague hint that the LCD Soundsystem album will be released "later this spring." The movie, meanwhile, will arrive in cinemas on March 26 and the soundtrack drops in the UK on March 22 via DFA/Parlophone.

You can check out a trailer for the film below. It doesn't feature any new music, but it does include "All My Friends" from LCD Soundsystem's 2007 album, Sound of Silver. Plus, Murphy makes a little cameo.

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Greenberg Soundtrack:

1. Steve Miller Band -€“ "Jet Airliner"

2. Nite Jewel - "Suburbia"

3. James Murphy - "Sleepy Baby"

4. James Murphy - "Thumbs"

5. Albert Hammond - "It Never Rains in Southern California"

6. James Murphy - "Plenty of Time"

7. James Murphy - "Photographs"

8. James Murphy - "Gente"

9. Galaxie 500 - "Strange"

10. LCD Soundsystem - "Oh You (Christmas Blues)"

11. James Murphy - "Birthday Song"

12. James Murphy - "Dear You"

13. The Sonics - 'Shot Down"

14. Duran Duran - "The Chauffeur"

15. James Murphy - "If You Need a Friend"

16. James Murphy - "Please Don't Follow Me"

17. James Murphy - "Photographs (Piano)"