LCD Soundsystem, Tori Amos and the National Fill Exclaim!'s September Issue

LCD Soundsystem, Tori Amos and the National Fill Exclaim!'s September Issue
With summer still in full swing, Exclaim! is back with a new issue, filled from front to back with the music we love and want our readers to discover. Within those pages, you'll be able to catch up on all of the latest bands and musicians you may have missed out on with artist interviews, buzzworthy news bits and album reviews galore. To read the full stories, you're going to want to pick up a copy of your own, but for now, here's a small glimpse at what you'll find inside.
Gracing the cover this month is LCD Soundsystem mastermind James Murphy, who discusses the band's triumphant comeback album American Dream and how he regained the passion for making music that he lost after 2010's This Is Happening. Murphy reflects on his feelings about the musician lifestyle, saying: "I like making music a lot, I like playing shows — there are elements of being a professional musician that I like, but I'm not fond of what it does to you."
Our September Issue's Timeline digs into legendary singer-songwriter Tori Amos's career, from performing on the Maryland lounge circuit as a young woman to her breakthrough in the '90s, all the way up to the release of her forthcoming 15th studio album, Native Invader. Our story details the troubles she faced as a woman working in the music industry and how she overcame tremendous setbacks to become one of the most prominent feminist musicians across the globe.
Also in this issue, we talked to the National about stepping outside of their comfort zone on their new record, Sleep Well Beast, and how working in guitarist Aaron Dessner's remote new home studio outside of Hudson, NY, helped them avoid repeating themselves. "The way to surmount that challenge was building this space — the irony of which is that it's just being in a room with each other the way one should," explains member Bryce Dessner.
In our monthly Questionnaire, punk veteran Ted Leo told Exclaim! about opening his eyes to socialist and communist views, Washington, DC go-go music, getting stuck at Toronto Pearson airport with the Kinks' Ray Davies and more. We also interviewed experimental rock band Grizzly Bear about how finding a new home base affected their most recent album, Painted Ruins, while lo-fi garage rock newcomers Partner discussed the themes found on their hilarious and poignant debut record, In Search of Lost Time.
Elsewhere, we interviewed Toronto producer FrancisGotHeat about the importance of developing in-person relationships with people in the age of the internet and how he draws influence from traditional Vietnamese music his mother would play him as a child. Then, in our story with Angus Andrew of Australian-American rock band Liars, the musician discusses the rest of the members departing, and returning to "real" instruments on their new record, TFCF.  
On the film side of things, the Safdie brothers followed up their highly acclaimed heroin drama, Heaven Knows What, with the gritty Good Time, starring Robert Pattinson as a bank robber who must make enough money to bail his mentally handicapped brother out of prison following a botched heist. In our interview, Benny Safdie discussed Pattinson's passion for the role in the new film, saying, "We really believed that he wanted to disappear and be in the energy of something like we had done with our past film."
Our September Issue also features interviews and album reviews from artists such as Comeback Kid, Alvvays, Pierre Kwenders, Kacy & Clayton and a ton of other artists. To read all of it, grab a copy from a coffee shop, music venue, record store, or one of our many boxes lining streets across the country.