LCD Soundsystem "All My Friends"

LCD Soundsystem 'All My Friends'
Sound of Silver was the album of the year for many bloggers and publications and one of the biggest reasons for that was this outstanding nugget. Built from the contemplative genius of James Murphy, the song’s epic build and hold demonstrates the DFA man’s ability to not only build a pensive journey for the listener (in his case, it appears its one to leave the scenes he’s helped establish) but also define himself as an artist heaving with inspiration of his own. The looped Springsteen-flecked piano riff is one of the year’s most memorable hooks, holding its own by uplifting spirits for the song’s entire 7:37 life. Perhaps the finest example of Murphy’s ability to transcend the rock/dance conundrum often placed on his band, "All My Friends” is that song that should go down as his crowning achievement and will be the one come years from now where I’ll be saying, "That really was number one, I made a mistake.” The fact that both Franz Ferdinand and John Cale made the song their own is further proof of my inevitable blunder.