Laurie Anderson Taps Lou Reed, Four Tet and Antony Hegarty for New LP

Laurie Anderson Taps Lou Reed, Four Tet and Antony Hegarty for New LP
Veteran experimentalist Laurie Anderson has been touring her Homeland project since 2007, but she still hasn't unveiled the songs in studio form. Now, the material is finally due to be released, as Nonesuch will be issuing Homeland on June 15.

Nonesuch's blog reveals that Anderson sings and plays keyboards and percussion on the new LP. Long known for her experimental violin playing, the collection will also include "newly developed sounds on violin." Many of the songs also feature her signature vocal filter, including "Another Day in America," which is narrated by her male alter-ego Fenway Bergamot (who also appears on the album cover, which you can see above).

Anderson co-produced the disc with husband Lou Reed and longtime collaborator Roma Baran. Also on board for Homeland are Kieran Hebden (aka Four Tet) on keyboards, Antony Hegarty on vocals and a variety of experimental composers, including saxophonist John Zorn and bassit Skuli Sverrisson (the latter has toured as Anderson's music director).

As the press release states, "The essential Americanness of Anderson's work is epitomized by Homeland. The new songs touch upon U.S. foreign policy, torture, economic collapse, the erosion of personal freedom, medical malpractice, religion and cynicism."

Anderson is currently on tour, but the majority of her dates are for her multimedia performance Delusion. She and John Zorn will also be performing Improvisations with Lou Reed, including an appearance at the Montreal Jazz Festival on July 2.

Tour dates:

3/30 Paris, France - Cité de la Musique (Delusion)
3/31 Paris, France - Cité de la Musique (Delusion)
4/7 Uppsala, Sweden - Uppsala Stadsteater (Delusion)
4/8 Uppsala, Sweden - Uppsala Stadsteater (Delusion)
4/9 Uppsala, Sweden - Uppsala Stadsteater (Delusion)
4/10 Uppsala, Sweden - Uppsala Stadsteater (Delusion)
4/14 London, UK - Barbican Theatre (Delusion)
4/15 London, UK - Barbican Theatre (Delusion)
4/16 London, UK - Barbican Theatre (Delusion)
4/17 London, UK - Barbican Theatre (Delusion)
5/5 Stanford, CA - Memorial Auditorium (Delusion)
5/7 Berkeley, CA - Zellerbach Hall (Delusion)
5/15 Lubin, Poland - Lubin Castle (Improvisations with John Zorn and Lou Reed)
7/2 Montreal, QC - Salle Wilfrid Pelletier (Improvisations with John Zorn and Lou Reed)