Laurice "Dark Side of Your Face" (video)

Laurice 'Dark Side of Your Face' (video)
Lumping himself in with the like of Nikola Tesla, Leif Erikson and Kalashnikov — pioneers whose talents went unappreciated in their own time — Laurice is back with a new record and ready to reap some praise in the present.
Known primarily for his dance and smooth jazz hits, Laurice's experimental 1970s glam-punk phase went largely unnoticed until now. The second of two collections, The Best of Laurice Vol. 2, was released earlier this month and delves even deeper into the before-their-time demos of material "deemed unfit for mass consumption in the soft, straight, progressive '70s."
You can sample the sounds for yourself on recently revealed cut "Dark Side of Your Face," and Exclaim! has got your first look at the accompanying music video. It features Laurice delivering the track into the camera from a variety of locations, interwoven with footage of city lights, fireworks and lots of fire.
The Best of Laurice Vol. 2 is out now on Mighty Mouth Music. Check out the video premiere of "Dark Side of Your Face" below.