​Laura Marling Teams Up with Tunng's Mike Lindsay for New LP as LUMP

The pair have unveiled a video for debut single "Curse of the Contemporary"
​Laura Marling Teams Up with Tunng's Mike Lindsay for New LP as LUMP
UK-born, Americana-worshipping singer-songwriter Laura Marling released her latest solo album Semper Femina last year, but her next project will be a collaborative one. She's joined forces with Tunng and Throws member Mike Lindsay for a project called LUMP, and the duo will release their self-titled debut album on June 1 through Dead Oceans.
The pair met in June 2016, introduced after Marling's opening set at a Neil Young show in London, and quickly learned of each other's mutual creative admiration.
Marling cites 20th century surrealism and absurdist poets like Edward Lear and Ivor Cutler as inspiration for the new material — a shift from the ultra-feminine exploration on her last LP.
See the full tracklisting down below.
The first listen to LUMP arrives with album cut "Curse of the Contemporary." The accompanying video features animation by motion graphics designer Esteban Diacono, and stars the same furry creature seen on the album cover.
"For me it was very important that this video was respectful of the spirit of Laura and Mike's collaboration," Diacono said in a statement. "I wanted to create a video that was joyful and interesting while at the same time retaining an innocent and tender overall vibe. I also wanted to touch on some of the topics that were important to Laura's lyrics, but under a different look. Visually, I took inspiration from the idea of California as a Dream Factory, from the idea of big movie sets that could transform themselves, give shape and color to dreams and spark the imagination."
Check out the video for "Curse of the Contemporary" below.
1. Late to the Flight
2. May I Be the Light
3. Rolling Thunder
4. Curse of the Contemporary
5. Hand Hold Hero
6. Shake Your Shelter
7. LUMP Is a Product (Credits)