Laura Marling Announces 'Once I Was an Eagle' Album

Laura Marling Announces 'Once I Was an Eagle' Album
Still in her early 20s, British folk sensation Laura Marling has already released three well-received albums. This spring, she'll continue the hot streak with the release of her fourth.

The album's called Once I Was an Eagle, and sees Marling once again working with regular producer Ethan Johns. The topless (though entirely SFW) cover is available above, with the tracklisting below.

Marling will issue Once I Was an Eagle on May 28 via Ribbon Music. First single "Where Can I Go?" can be streamed below.

Once I Was an Eagle:

1. Take the Night Off
2. I Was an Eagle
3. You Know
4. Breathe
5. Master Hunter
6. Little Love Caster
7. Devil's Resting Place
8. Interlude
9. Undine
10. Where Can I Go?
11. Once
12. Pray For Me
13. When Were You Happy? (And How Long has That Been)
14. Love be Brave
15. Little Bird
16. Saved These Words