The Last of the Dead Bad Men Nowhere Is Safe

An underground punk rock "supergroup” comprised of minor players in pseudo-recognisable bands such as Exploding Fuck Dolls, Radio Birdman, Curb Slappys and The Daggers makes for an obvious sonic pigeonhole in respects to the Last of the Dead Bad Men. The abrasive wheels of old school, confrontational punk in an Exploited-meets-G.B.H. vein (yeah, big stretch there) churn around and around without much expectation for dynamics or unusual twists. Yet at the same time, those familiarities of brashness, simplistic four-chord anthems in a snottier Ramones fashion and overall essence of cockiness exemplified in Die Hunns’ Duane Peters ensure that Nowhere Is Safe actually plays out smoothly instead of panning out sadly. The up-tempo atmosphere and beat-heavy drive are confident aspects affecting more fun comfort than misty nostalgia. As a one-off, Nowhere Is Safe is, well, safe. Future endeavours? This could get messy. (DHD)