Lars Ulrich Says Jack White Is an "Engaged Texter" for Someone Who Supposedly Doesn't Have a Phone

The cellphone saga is finally resolved

Photo: Paige Sara

BY Alex HudsonPublished Apr 26, 2023

As well as following Jack White's prolific outpouring of new music, we've been following the saga of whether or not the modern-technology-averse musician has a smartphone. Last spring, White said he didn't have a cellphone but admitted that his "days are numbered" — and soon after made a casual reference to his iPhone. Now, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has poked fun at the whole ordeal, calling White an "engaged texter."

Ulrich appeared on the podcast Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend, and he and the host discussed their mutual friendship with White. O'Brien and Ulrich recalled running into one another backstage at White's concerts, with Ulrich calling the former White Stripes leader one of his top five musicians of all time.

And one point, O'Brien joked that White was going to text him about the conversation, and Ulrich responded, "Jack, if you're hearing this, you know I love you, and nothing but love — but for a guy who supposedly doesn't have a phone, he's a pretty engaged texter, so I'm not really quite sure how that works out." 

O'Brien said an emphatic "yes" and jokingly added, "I'm telling you it's a sham."

Given that White has also been active on Instagram lately, this case can officially be considered closed. Yes, Jack White has a cellphone! Celebrities are just like us!

This is the second time Metallica and White have crossed paths lately, as the Third Man Records boss recently congratulated the metal band on acquiring their own vinyl pressing plant.

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