Ladyfrnd Say Farewell with Final EP

Ladyfrnd Say Farewell with Final EP
Vancouver musician Peter Ricq's catalogue is blowing up in 2015, apparently. Just last week, it was announced that his Humans project will soon deliver their debut LP Nootide, and now it's been revealed that a final release from his other duo, Ladyfrnd, arrives in the spring. Their swan song, Farewell, arrives May 12 through Hybridity Music.

A press release explains that the package arrives as a free download, with the effort offering more of the "ethereal and dreamlike sounds" Ladyfrnd delivered on their self-titled debut from 2013. The concept behind the EP stems from the once romantic relationship between Ricq and vocalist Yuki Holland, specifically the idea that they would take each other around the world. Unfortunately, they broke up before the travel plans came to fruition.

"When Ladyfrnd first started, it was an excuse for me to work with my girlfriend, Yuki, at the time. I really loved her voice and her approach to music," Ricq said in a statement. "When we were together, her being Japanese, she insisted on taking me to Tokyo, and myself being half French, I really wanted to show her Paris for her first time. Our relationship ended before we could go on this discovery."

Down below, you'll find a video trailer for the EP. It was shot by Ricq during a solo trip to Paris and partners idyllic scenes of the City of Light being scored by the project's "sirenic and haunting" vocals and simple string sounds. Ricq explained: "The Paris footage focuses on the romantic atmosphere which it exudes everyday. It has a ghostly charm to it."

As for Humans' new LP, Noontide arrives February 24, also through Hybridity.