Ladyfrnd "Sing Softly"

Ladyfrnd 'Sing Softly'
Humans have been touring in support of their album Noontide, but band member Peter Ricq has also returned to his electronic duo Ladyfrnd for one final release. Their Farewell EP comes out tomorrow (July 10) on Hybridity Music, and Exclaim! has the premiere of the track "Sing Softly."

The track lives up to its name, as Yuki Holland coos gently amidst a lullaby-like arrangement of gossamer ukulele plucking and barely-there electronic production. Hear "Sing Softly" for yourself below.

As previously reported, the EP's concept stems from the breakup of Ricq and Holland's romantic relationship, and the abandonment of their travel plans together.

"When Ladyfrnd first started, it was an excuse for me to work with my girlfriend, Yuki, at the time. I really loved her voice and her approach to music," Ricq said in a statement. "When we were together, her being Japanese, she insisted on taking me to Tokyo, and myself being half French, I really wanted to show her Paris for her first time. Our relationship ended before we could go on this discovery."