Lady Tigra "Bass On the Bottom" / "Sorry Ice Cream"

Lady Tigra 'Bass On the Bottom' / 'Sorry Ice Cream'
A Google search on Lady Tigra turns up a description saying she’s "Robyn, M.I.A. and Missy Elliott rolled into one” — as perfect as that sounds, it’s far from accurate in that it’s way off in its attempt to amass hype and really, this Lady deserves more credit than that. Along with Bunny D, Tigra was a member of short-lived but seminal late ’80s Miami hip-hop duo L’Trimm, who are best remembered for their sub-woofer-shaking anthem "Cars With the Boom” (although Drop That Bottom is a fine record that has unfortunately fallen victim to deletion). Their influence can be heard in everyone from Gwen Stefani to Peaches, and now Lady Tigra is back to take her crown after years of playing shy. She’s got a new album for sale on her MySpace page called Please Mr. Boom Box, which features the Mr. Hahn remix of the ass-trembling "Bass On the Bottom.” Yes, it’s that Mr. Hahn from Linkin Park, but what he’s done here is impressive, making Tigra a contender amongst all of the dirty indie rap that Yo Majesty! and Spank Rock currently reign. The exploitation promo that accompanies it is even more impressive, taking a page out of both Foxy Brown and Grindhouse.

Perhaps even greater still is Lady Tigra’s "Sorry Ice Cream,” an ode to U.S.-based frozen yogurt chain Pinkberry, which finds her ditching the smutty hip-hop for a delicious pop treat that is just right for this hazy summer. Sure it’s an obvious cash grab that plugs the product throughout its entirety, but play it five times and not only will you hold it in your head for the day, but you’ll be making a run for the border for some tasty frogurt. Your move Yogen Fruz!

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"Bass On the Bottom”

Poorly made Pinkberry promo featuring "Sorry Ice Cream"