Lady Gaga Is a 'Joker' Too in This Unhinged Song About the Potential Musical

There could be 100 people in a room, and all it takes is for one of them to be Nick Lutsko
Lady Gaga Is a 'Joker' Too in This Unhinged Song About the Potential Musical
It's been a whirlwind month for those of us who, regrettably, live in a society. First, co-writer and director Todd Phillips confirmed the Joker sequel; then, Joaquin Phoenix's promised return became old news when it was revealed — or brilliantly, horrifyingly fabricated — that Joker 2: Folie à Deux might in fact be a musical starring Lady Gaga.

Yeah, it's a lot to unpack already. But now there's more: the spirit of Halloween personified, Nick Lutsko, has made a song for the potential cinematic song-and-dance — and, as par for the course, a star is born.

Not only did Lutsko manage to compose the first song for the (mercifully, still) hypothetical Joker musical within 36 hours of the story breaking, but his collaborator Brielle Garcia was able to provide some absolutely cursed CGI-renderings of dancing Gagas and Joker-Gremlin hybrids that are about to become your new sleep paralysis demons.

To unscramble the alphabet soup that is "Joker-Gremlin hybrids" for you, this is just one of the imagined plot points the internet music person would like to suggest to Philips, hopefully for a handsome fee.

Lutsko is an avid Gremlins supporter and is daring to ask: what if Phoenix's original Joker died in the opening scene of the sequel and a Gremlins character — you remember those evil little Furby-like creatures that aren't microwave-safe? — had to intercede? Well, if you're the internet musician, you'd wager that Desmond (his own Gremlin alter-ego, naturally) would become "the No. 1 Joker in the USA."

Punctuated with "Ha ha ha / Ha ha / Ha ha ha ha" refrains that are equal parts maniacal and catchy, the yet-untitled ditty is already redeeming this nightmarish concept a bit.

Lace up your clown shoes for yet another twist in the DC villain's origin story with Lutsko's tune below.