Lady Gaga "Marry the Night" (The Weeknd and Illangelo Remix)

Lady Gaga 'Marry the Night' (The Weeknd and Illangelo Remix)
As previously reported, Lady Gaga has lined up an all-star cast for her upcoming Born This Way: The Remix LP, with guests including Twin Shadow, the Horrors and more. The latest song to leak from the re-imagined set is a version of "Marry the Night" as interpreted by the tag team of Toronto R&B sensation the Weeknd and Ilangelo.

While the original started off slow before ultimately whipping itself up into a fist-pumping club cut, the remix does the reverse, kicking off with a skittery, forward-thinking click track before wrapping things up with some sultry "ooohs, ahhhs" and some classy ivory tinkling.

You can check out a stream of the song below.

Born This Way: The Remix comes out November 21 via Interscope.