Lady Gaga "Marry the Night" (video)

Lady Gaga 'Marry the Night' (video)
Following a lot of hype and teasers, Lady Gaga has finally unveiled her latest over-the-top video, this time for Born This Way's "Marry the Night." But maybe there was a good reason for all that pre-premiere chatter; after all, this thing is a whopping 13-plus minutes.

Down below you can watch the way-artsy clip, which for the first time in Gaga's career was directed by the pop star herself. The music doesn't really get going until about the eight-minute mark, with Gaga filling the first chunk of the vid with spoken word dialogue.

Still, this video is packed full of a ridiculous amount of scene changes -- not to mention wild outfits and a naked-in-the-bathtub Gaga. Yeah, it's epic, and it probably cost an arm and a leg to make, so it's one worth digging into.