La Fin Absolute du Monde "Black Sheep" (Justin K. Broadrick remix) (video)

La Fin Absolute du Monde 'Black Sheep' (Justin K. Broadrick remix) (video)
Last month, noirish rock duo La Fin Absolute du Monde shared a remix of their song "Black Sheep" that featured Godflesh/Jesu mastermind Justin K. Broadrick. Now, they've treated the rework to a music video.

The video pairs the band's jarring song with equally strange footage, splicing shots of the group performing with borderline voyeuristic shots of the band's Chicky Myles taking a bath.

Watch the video for Justin K. Broadrick's remix of "Black Sheep" below.

Black Sheep: Remixed is out today (January 21) and also features remixes from Social Security, Sirko Drive and DARKforces.