Latch and Dustbuster "Hunter"

Latch and Dustbuster 'Hunter'
Toronto duo La+ch and Dustbuster have been dropping remixes for the likes of Arcade Fire, Rihanna, Katy Perry and more on their Soundcloud the last little while, but it's their own track "Hunter" that's been turning the most heads. The twosome's slice of house pop has now been streamed over 33,000 times since being uploaded earlier this week, and you can give it a spin for yourself down below.

The buzz-building anthem slowly sets itself up with a wobbly patch of sci-fi buzzes before jumping into a throbbing whirlwind of falsetto vocals and a propulsive kick beat. The wriggly vocal leads point to someone in the song being the prey and someone being the titular hunter, and you can sort out for yourself who plays what by giving the song a stream down below.