Kutiman "Music Is Ruling My World (Feat. Karolina)"

Kutiman 'Music Is Ruling My World (Feat. Karolina)'
The 7-Eleven is a fine establishment for many different reasons: one-minute burritos, colossal Slurpees and the furriest, most solidified dogs in town. But who knew it would lead to shaping the next Israeli wunderkind? Meet Kutiman, a Tel-Aviv-based multi-instrumentalist who discovered his passion for a vast array of music through listening to the radio at his convenience store gig. Flash forward five years or so to October 2007, and Ophir "Kutiman" Kutiel has signed to Cologne, Germany's Melting Pot Music and readied a self-titled debut album (click here to check out audio clips) that will have your head spinning - not just not because dude's from Israel and sounds like he could sit in with his namesake's Africa 70 supergroup, but because dude sounds like he could lead Africa 70. That said, Kutiman has plenty of other tricks up his sleeve, fusing his love for Afrobeat, psych rock, funk and reggae. The second single taken from the album, "Music Is Ruling My World" is a stunningly tight throwback to the classic funk arrangement: the beat is complex and firm enough to have thrown off the Godfather of Soul, the horns carry both the melody and song's pronounced wallop and then there's guest singer Karolina (a member of Funset, who needs to be discovered on her own - check out the scorching space reggae/funk throwdown "Lion" on her MySpace), who delivers the cherry on top with what is certainly a memorably fierce vocal dripping with sexed-up soul. It almost feels wrong listening to it without being in a club and setting fire to the dance floor. Who's got a light?

Kutiman feat. Karolina "Music Is Ruling My World"