Kurt Cobain's "Corporate Magazines Still Suck" Shirt Has Been Ripped Off by a High-End Fashion Brand

Kurt Cobain's 'Corporate Magazines Still Suck' Shirt Has Been Ripped Off by a High-End Fashion Brand
In 1992, when Nirvana appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone, Kurt Cobain wore a T-shirt that featured the hand-written phrase "Corporate Magazine Still Suck." Now, the high-end fashion brand Vetements has ripped off the design.

The shirt was first debuted during Paris Fashion Week in January, but just today has appeared on the Vetements Instagram page.

Somehow making this brazen rip even worse is the fact that Vetements has added "A LOT!" to the end of the sentence, utilizing the anarchy symbol to show just how edgy this whole thing is. Further, the shirt costs a cool $550 USD.

Courtney Love commented on the brand's Instagram post, writing, "You guys WHAT the FUCK? I hate being put in this position. You should know better!"

This isn't even the most expensive Cobain-related item of clothing to emerge this week. The late artist's famous brown cardigan recently sold for $75,000 USD at an auction

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