Kristian North Falls in Love with a Cartoon Pen Pal in "Halfway to Heaven" Video

The song appears on his new album 'Passion Play'
Kristian North Falls in Love with a Cartoon Pen Pal in 'Halfway to Heaven' Video
Later this week, Kristian North will release his new album Passion Play through Montreal-based label Mothland, and today he's giving us one last glimpse of what's to come with a new single and music video.

North wrote his new love song "Halfway to Heaven" in Portugal while on a European tour. Inspired by the country's warm climate and culture, a sense of romance bleeds into North's lyrics, singing: "Pathway to paradise each time we touch / Let's barricade the doors to this room / We'll tumble in sweet revelation / Drinking white wine in the afternoon."

The musician teamed with director Jordan Minkoff for the accompanying animated music video, which sees North writing to a cartoon pen pal over the course of the late 20th century, hoping to strum up some romance ahead of the new millennium.

In getting North to act out some of the video's flirty scenes, Minkoff recalls a pretty charming story:

By the fourth day of filming this video, Kristian and I were pretty sick of each other. When we were filming the final "Y2K" shots I accused him of being a poor-sport because he didn't want to hump the bed. I told him the whole reason we were doing this video was for the final sexy scene with the purple cartoon thing. He said we never agreed to that. Maybe that's true? Maybe I imagined the whole thing? There was much tension on the set and we didn't speak again for a couple of weeks.

Later, when I was done editing, he came over to check it out. Against his will, I had added all the sexy scenes I dreamt of. I was worried he'd be mad at me but when I played him the video his face lit up with joy. He laughed big and hard despite having just come from the dentist. We agreed the video was both romantic and sexy. We are now good friends again.

North's new single follows the release of album cuts "Fantasy," "Genius of Song" and "Shadow of the Pyramids." Passion Play is due to arrive in full this Friday (April 30).

Until then, check out his new tune in the video below.