Kris Wadsworth Digs into 'Life and Death' on Debut Album

Kris Wadsworth Digs into 'Life and Death' on Debut Album
Though he's been releasing music since 2005, Detroit-based house phenom Kris Wadsworth has, until now, avoided releasing a full-length album. That will change next month, however, as the artist has revealed plans to issue his debut long-player.

The album is called Life and Death, a title that Wadsworth explained in a statement to Resident Advisor. "Music is my career, so it is Life and Death to a certain extent," he said. "But also, there are too many uptight people in this industry that take themselves too seriously. [The album is] me: Serious music which also makes fun of the world around me."

He's right, too — it's hard to take this album too seriously with song titles like "Gutter Pimp," "The Boring People" and our personal favourite "Famous Anus."

The track "Ivory 313" features a guest appearance from fellow Detroit electro whiz Jimmy Edgar.

Life and Death will be available on November 30 via Get Physical.

Life and Death:

1. Alienated American
2. Definition Of
3. Showtime
4. Fan Mail (Revisited)
5. Girl Talk
6. Ivory 313 (ft. Jimmy Edgar)
7. Gutter Pimp
8. Koffein
9. Famous Anus
10. 666
11. The Boring People
12. Life and Death