Krautrock Pioneers You Receive Expanded Reissue Treatment

Krautrock Pioneers You Receive Expanded Reissue Treatment
You may not have been the best-known group to emerge from the Berlin school of electronic music, but they were nevertheless pivotal players in the movement. Now, synth lovers will have a chance to get their hands on the band's first two albums, as they will be receiving expanded reissues through Bureau B.

On Tuesday (June 7), the label will release Electric Day. Originally out in 1979, this album features Kraut hero Harald Grosskopf, who earlier this year saw the reissue of his stellar Synthesist album. A press release describes it as a "hypnotic mix of sequencer patterns, synthesizer melodies, pulsating drums and sporadic acoustic guitar phrases" with occasional forays into "experimental territory."

Even if you've already heard the original seven-song album, you're still going to want to pick this one up, since the CD and digital versions have four bonus tracks. This makes up more than half an hour of additional music. There will also be a 180-gram vinyl edition.

On the same day, Bureau B will reissue You's sophomore album Time Code. This record features only the core duo of Udo Hanten and Albin Meskes. It shows off more "range and variation than its predecessor," as its "sugar sweet melodies are followed by expanses of ominously dark or crystal clear synthesizers." The original nine-song LP is expanded with two bonus tracks, which will appear on the CD and digital versions.

See the tracklists for both reissues below.

Electric Day:

1. Electric Day"
2. "Magooba"
3. "Son of a True Star"
4. "Sequential Spectrum Part 1"
5. "Sequential Spectrum Part 2"
6. "Slow Go"
7. "Zero-Eighty-Four"
8. "E-Night" (bonus)
9. "H.Rays Identity" (bonus)
10. "Hallucination Engine" (bonus)
11. "Yousless" (bonus)

Time Code:

1. "Time Code"
2. Future/Past"
3. "20/11/28"
4. "Deep Range"
5. "Taurus-Fantasia"
6. "Metallique"
7. "Live Line"
8. "Bluewater Dream"
9. "Mision: Possible"
10. "Controlled Demolition" (bonus)
11. "Zone Black" (bonus)