Neu!/La Düsseldorf Member Thomas Dinger's Solo LP 'Für Mich' Gets Reissued

Neu!/La Düsseldorf Member Thomas Dinger's Solo LP 'Für Mich' Gets Reissued
Throughout his lengthy music career, late Krautrock pioneer Thomas Dinger was often associated with his brother Klaus's bands, Neu! and La Düsseldorf, plus his own group 1-A Düsseldorf. Along the way, he also released a solo album, Für Mich, and that 1982 record is now receiving a reissue on August 6 through Bureau B.

An announcement explains that he began working on solo material after dropping out of the sessions for La Düsseldorf's 1978 album Viva due to fights with his brother. Fittingly, Für Mich's title translates as "for me."

He tracked the album in La Düsseldorf's studio in 1981 with help from co-producer Hans Lampe. It consists of six instrumental pieces, which range from under a minute to more than 14 minutes in length. They are described as "melancholic and elegiac in character, [featuring] layers of synthesizer sounds, closer to the music of Wolfgang Riechmann or Michael Rother than that of La Düsseldorf."

In a statement, Lampe said, "There was a large balcony to the rear of Thomas's apartment, looking onto a vast, overgrown courtyard. A little park, a verdant oasis in the big city. We sat here often, listening to music, working on the LP and musing on life. Thomas and I complemented each other marvelously, bouncing ideas off each other. Our understanding was so great, the mood was so deep and heartfelt, we thoroughly enjoyed working together."

The Für Mich reissue will arrive on both CD and vinyl. The tracklist is below.

Für Mich:

1. Ballgeflüster
2. Leierkasten
3. Für Dich
4. E-605
5. Alleewalzer
6. Für Euch